I have been involved in the music industry for many years, which has led to the cultivation of a wide extensive collection of music. Currently, I have a live show on a multi-awarding community radio station at 94.4FM SALFORD CITY RADIO (www.salfordcityradio.org), every Sunday afternoon between 1 and 3pm (GMT). I also have a three hour broadcast on a Dutch radio station, called RADIO SEAGULL (www.radioseagull.com), every Monday between 9 and 12 noon (GMT), which is also repeated during the evening at the same time.

An aspect of these stations’ policy is to allow the presenters to create their own show. This gives us total freedom in our choice of music. The advantage is that the listener can hear music that is not restricted to a set play list. And for musicians, wanting to get their music played; this creates a vehicle for their songs to be heard.

Radio stations Radio Seagull Salford City Radio

If you are a musician and want to send me some music you can send by e-mail to: music@eddymann.co.uk.
(The maximum file size is 10 MB for messages received.)

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